Rapper KK Paralyzed After Major Accident, Desperately Seeks Help

“As the first and last time, I ask for your help.”

Rapper KK, who appeared on Show Me The Money 6, has suffered a major accident in Thailand and has been desperately asking for help.

On April 4, KK shared a post on his Instagram sharing his story. During a trip to Thailand, he apparently broke his neck while diving into a swimming pool and has been paralyzed as a result. He is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit in Chiang Mai.

Awhile ago, I suffered a big accident and broke my 5th and 6th neck bone while diving at the swimming pool at my lodging. I am currently paralyzed and an spending each day in battle at the intensive care unit of Chiang Mai Hospital.

ㅡ KK


KK explained that he is currently waiting until the condition of his lungs is restored enough to fly back home. However, he confessed that the hospital bills that have been accumulating in the foreign country have become overwhelming.

The only thing I can do now is wait until my lungs will be able to withstand the plane ride. My family and I are simply helpless due to the medical bills of this place, which are much too expensive. 10 days of hospitalization, surgery and medicine costs have already surpassed 60M KRW. I have to return to Korea as soon as I can to continue treatment, but the transportation to Korea alone costs more than 10M KRW.

ㅡ KK


The rapper then cautiously asked everyone for their help in getting him back home.

I felt like I must do something and so I bear the shame and upload this post. For the first and last time, I ask for your help.

ㅡ KK


He stated that he will return to his fans as soon as he can after receiving all his treatment and concluded by apologizing and thanking everyone reading his post.

I will return home as soon as I can and appear in front of everyone again as a better person after recovering. I’m sorry. And thank you.

ㅡ KK


Fans and netizens have been wishing him a speedy recovery and showing their empathy by helping him out in this difficult time.

  • “I hope you will have a quick recovery.”
  • “While it’s only a small amount, I hope I can be of help. Please continue to fight this difficult battle.”
  • “It’s a small amount but I support you. Please feel better.”
  • “I hope for your fast recovery. You can do it, you’ll overcome this.”

Source: Instagram