Rapper Simon Dominic Wrote A Song About His Missing Uncle…And Found Him

The song named after his uncle helped bring the uncle home.

When rapper Simon Dominic appeared on I Live Alone and shared the story behind his latest track “Jung Jin Chul”, the show hosts, viewers, and fans were all shocked.


Simon Dominic explained “Jung Jin Chul” is the name of his uncle who went missing when he was young. He added that he worked on the song in hopes of possibly reaching his uncle somehow.

“My dad had lost his brother overnight. My uncle used to be so nice to my family, but he went missing. I wrote the song just in case he’s listening…” — Simon Dominic


The song was released on June 15, 2018, (along with the rest of Simon Dominic’s new album) and fans immediately fell in love with the song, full of lyrics that share what happened with his uncle.

“My uncle’s name is Jung Jin Chul, he is a fashion designer… I wonder if he ever sees me on TV, if he remembers.” — “Jeong Jin Cheol” by Simon Dominic


The lyrics pointed out that Simon Dominic’s uncle used to be close to the rapper’s family. When his grandmother fell ill, however, his uncle was nowhere to be found. Simon Dominic rapped about the bittersweet memories from his past.

“We didn’t see each other often, but he brought all the good things to my house. Happiness didn’t last long though. The news of my grandmother falling sick was devastating. We needed all the family to be there, but my uncle didn’t pick up the phone. He ran off to somewhere…” — “Jeong Jin Cheol” by Simon Dominic


Weeks later, on July 1, 2018, Simon Dominic updated his Instagram with heartwarming news that absolutely thrilled his fans. Along with a photo of his father and uncle, Simon Dominic captioned, “Thanks to everyone’s attention and help, I was able to reunite with my uncle. I plan on spending happy, quality time with my uncle to make up for all the time we missed. Thank you, everyone, for worrying about him and looking for him with me.”

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While it has not been shared exactly how the uncle came to be found, and the agency did not release any details either, fans are happy for Simon Dominic and his family.

  • “This is unbelievable. I’m so happy for him and his family!”

  • “As soon as I read the news, I screamed. This is a miracle. I’m so happy for you and your uncle. I want you guys to have the best time getting to know each other again.”

  • “This’s so great. I wish all the best for your uncle and your family.”

  • “I’m so happy for you dear… Family is love and in this crazy world where everything is temporary, the only permanent is FAMILY. Enjoy the moment. Be in the moment.”

  • “Oh, I’m so glad. It broke my heart when he talked about this on I Live Alone. I’m so happy for them both!”


Listen to the track that made one of the most miraculous family reunions possible:

Source: Joins News