Rapper Sleepy Reveals How BTS’s RM Texts Back To His Closest Friends

Sleepy revealed a personal text message exchange between the two rappers.

Rapper Sleepy and BTS‘s RM have the cutest brother relationship and text messages between the two prove it!

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Sleepy has had a close relationship with RM for years, since Sleepy was the one who discovered RM as a rapper when he was in middle school and introduced him to a producer at BigHit Entertainment.


He proved the friendship is still strong when he appeared on Section TV. Cardboard cut-outs of the BTS members were part of the set, and Sleepy began taking photos with the cut-out of his good friend, RM.

He presented a joke awards ceremony on the program where the best artist for the first half of the year was announced.


After taking the photo, he sent a message to RM, who replied instantly! RM’s quick and adorable response showed just how he cares for his close friends.

The reply said, “Thank you, hyung.” Sleepy joked that he had the best relationship with BTS and said he’s always grateful to his “dongsaeng” (little brother) for responding to his texts.


When BTS “won” the award for best artist, Sleepy interviewed RM, joking that RM was most thankful to Sleepy.


Sleepy also became friends with Jin when the two participated in Law of The Jungle in 2017. Sleepy took a photo with Jin’s cut-out too, posting it to social media with the caption “I’m happy to meet like this too.


The exchanges are super cute and shows how they all support each other!