Rapper Swings Calls Out Adult Business For Illegally Using His Face For Their Promotions

“I understand the influence that I may have, but these b*stards…”

Yesterday, rapper Swings from P Nation uploaded some screenshots on his Instagram story expressing his anger towards an adult business.

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

In the photos posted on his story, an advertisement was seen using his face to promote an adult business.

I understand the influence that I may have, but these b*stards… Hurry up and take it down.



Swings first heard about the company using his face from fans and friends. Not only is the business using his face without his permission, which is illegal, but the business they are conducting is illegal as well.

The post is advertising a type of hotel that is generally used for short stays. The intended use is typically for a business person who needs a quiet room, a nap, a shower, and other things. However, many of these establishments also are secretly involved in prostitution.

As this company has done it several times, Swings complained, “Aren’t you doing it too much?” This isn’t the first time an adult business has used a celebrity’s face for promotions, and netizens hope that this will soon stop.

Swings has not pressed charges yet, and the company has not issued an apology nor taken the photos down.

Source: 10 Asia