Korean Rapper Uber Def Denies Claims Of Illegally Filming Female Models, Claims The Director Falsely Accused Him

He denied all claims.

Korean rapper, Uber Def (real name Yoon Kyung Min) has denied all claims of a hidden camera crime. He was previously accused of having secretly filmed a female actress and model but has since stepped up on his personal social media to deny the accusations.

In the summer of 2020, he had filmed a music video in Jeju Island with a director and a model. After filming, he received accusations of having filmed a video of the female actresses and models changing for an hour and a half.

He explained that although the music video had eventually been canceled, a trip was made to Jeju Island for the filming. There, he worked with the two female actresses and models in question, as well as a director. He soon received a threat via a messenger app when the director had located the videos. The director had also sent him a half-naked photo of Uber Def, taken during filming.

Hello, this is Uber Def, Yoon Gaeng. First, I wish to apologize to my fans for the confusion. This is what happened. In 2020, I went to Jeju Island with a director to film the music video. However, due to some issues with the filmed contents, the plans were overturned. After the filming however, I received a threat through KakaoTalk with my half-naked photo claiming that there was evidence of a hidden camera in the female changing room, and that I should be grateful that it was not yet spread.

Firstly, the photo where my half-naked photo was taken was a space on the filming set, where you could fix your makeup. It was part of the filming site. You cannot change in that space and there was another room just for females where the two models changed in. I wish to stress that the first location (in the photos) were definitely not the female changing room.

— Uber Def

| @defreal1217/Instagram

Uber Def followed by explaining that he had no intentions to film the girls at all. He claims it to have been a mistake while he was messing around with the equipment.

Next, I wish to explain about my ‘intentions’ which were claimed as illegal filming. In the relevant video, I was messing around with the director’s equipment and left them on a vanity table where the two female actresses/models were in view. If I had intended on purpose to film them, the motive would have been for personal keeping or spreading of the files, but I wish to say that seeing as any action taken from the videos were unable to be verified, it is false that I had planned on the filming. Who would take hidden camera videos with the director’s equipment rather than their own personal secretive equipment? Who would do that when the director could see the videos while watching the footage after the filming?

I plan on declaring my innocence regarding crime and violent actions through investigations and discussions with my lawyer.

— Uber Def

He went on to explain that it was the director who had wronged him, by not only bringing inappropriate props to the filming site but also by falsely accusing him. The director had also released a diss rap to accused Uber Def of being a sexual criminal.

| @defreal1217/Instagram

Furthermore, as condoms and viagra were brought to the filming site by the director, suspicions were blown up and the female actresses/models were also humiliated. As the director had caused this and I had cut off contact with him since 2019, all I did was reupload my rap onto Instagram and the plans for the video were overturned so after that, he claimed that this was a rap that was attacking him, and came up with a diss rap in return which contained the words “Sexual Criminal.”

How dumbfounding. It wasn’t even a rap targeted to him and I didn’t even know that the videos had existed, but he had gotten excited all on his own and created a rap with “sexual criminal” when the situation is so sensitive in our country while spreading it on his Instagram. He even revealed the logo of the company that had been about to sign me and caused me to be unable to score a contract.

Who wouldn’t sue for slander in such a situation? I have even quit my job due to the emotional stress and shock I have been facing and am undergoing treatment. I hope the investigations will tell the truth soon.

— Uber Def

The results of the investigation are not out yet. Stay tuned!

Source: Star Today
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