Raury and BTS’s Rap Monster In Talks To Work Together on Twitter

On February 4, American singer and songwriter Raury shared a screenshot of a direct message he shared with BTS‘s Rap Monster on Twitter, confirming that they are in the middle of talking about a possible collaboration.

Raury is well-known for his song “Lost Souls”, an OST track for the Hunger Games movies, as well as his smooth and eclectic songs that are bring together the genres of hip hop, soul, and folk music.

In October 2015, Rap Monster included one of Raury’s songs, “CPU,” as part of the RMusic series, and BTS’s official Twitter page also tweeted a post recommending it. Fans had speculated that Rap Monster had made the tweet, as it praised Raury’s album and his fashion style, two aspects that pertained to Rap Monster’s interests.

“Another incredible person has appeared. One of Kanye’s favorite artists Raury released an official album. He’s even extremely fashionable. He’s awesome. So crazy. #RMusic”

BTS Rap Monster

Since then, BTS fans have flocked over to Raury’s YouTube channel and Twitter page, informing him of Rap Monster’s praise and expressing their love for the song that Rap Monster had recommended to them.

In January 2016, Raury and BTS’s official Twitter page were spotted following each other, exciting the BTS fandom even further and prompting them to wonder if Raury and BTS would ever collaborate together.

One follower was lucky enough to receive an answer from Raury himself when she tweeted, “I wonder if namjoon [Rap Monster] dm’ed raury” on February 4. Raury replied to this tweet several hours later with a simple “yes,” along with a screenshot of the direct messages that were sent between himself and Rap Monster.


BTS fans immediately started spreading the news and rejoiced at a high possibility of a collaboration between the world-renown Raury and their very own Rap Monster.