Ravi’s Label Artist, Chillin Homie, Under Fire For Cursing Out Feminists On Live Stream – Company Responds

His agency released an official statement.

A hiphop artist under VIXX Ravi‘s self-founded label, Groovl1n, has come under fire for a recent live stream. The artist, Chillin Homie, turned on an Instagram live stream to which he started to curse out “feminist bitches”.

| Groovl1n

In the live stream, he can be heard saying “why do I have to care what you think, f*ck, you feminist bitches. I won’t give a f*ck so just f*ck off. Don’t listen to my music. The meds I’m taking right now total up to 40 pills, f*ck. If you’re going to be like this, don’t be my fan. Those that don’t know right from wrong, f*ck, you should be put to sleep instead of stray dogs.

Fans of Ravi especially were even more angered, when he continued, “It’s true that me doing this now will harm Ravi. But he can f*ck off.

Later on, he addressed the issue of rapper Iron‘s death, and teared up. He repeated, “stop it, someone died. I’m dirty too? Then don’t be my fan. Cancel the follow and f*ck off. Y’all need to differentiate right from wrong, you f*cking sluts.

Chillin Homie goes on and claims that he had been having it hard trying to match the tastes of fans, and complained that his Instagram feed “looks more like a f*cking idol’s feed rather than a rapper’s“. He also ended his tirade with, “if there’s any feminists amongst my fans, please f*ck off. You guys are disgusting and dirty. F*ck off, you crazy bitches.

In response, Groovl1n recently uploaded an official response to their Twitter. The statement apologizes for causing disarray and worry with his live stream, and explains that his anxiety has gotten worse. However, he is taking medicine and receiving treatment regularly. The company promises to help him focus on his treatments and will be legally dealing with malicious comments.

However, netizens are not pleased, claiming the statement “reads more like a legal notice rather than an apology.