RBW Entertainment Agency Acquires DSP Media Primarily Due To NFTs

MAMAMOO, ONEUS, and ONEWE’s agency has acquired KARD’s company!

Entertainment company RBW has acquired DSP Media.

Reportedly, RBW is said to be spending about 9.32 billion won. This entails 10.08% of total assets and 29.54% of equity capital. RBW hopes to ultimately acquire over 51% of DSP Media’s shares.

In doing so, RBW will have management rights, incorporating it as a subsidiary. March 31 is the expected date of transfer.

Acquisition of DSP Media is the RBW agency’s first public M&A (mergers and acquisitions) investment. Now, RBW has officially begun its IP (full-fledged music intellectual property) and NFT (non-fungible token) business. With DSP Media, RBW’s IP business can utilize 1,000+ songs. This is more than just benefiting from copyright but making even more profit by selling NFTs.

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Additionally, RBW intends to make a deal with DSP Media’s larger shareholder by signing a SPA (stock purchase agreement). DSP Media was originally founded by Daesung Enterprise in 1991 by the late CEO Lee Ho Yeon.

RBW is home to many popular K-Pop acts, including MAMAMOO, ONEUS, ONEWE, PURPLEKISS, and VRomance.


The entertainment company has several subsidiaries now. This includes RBW Japan, RBW Vietnam, Cloud R, All Right Music, WM Entertainment, and, now, DSP Media.


Recently, RBW acquired WM Entertainment, the company behind OH MY GIRL and ONF.

OH MY GIRL | WM Entertainment

On the other hand, DSP Media is home to artists KARA, KARD, MIRAE, and more.

KARD | DSP Media

HYBE also recently announced a plan for doing NFTs. Read more about it and why many fans find the NFT business concerning below:

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Source: Hankyung

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