K-Pop Fans Demand Boycott Of RBW Entertainment Over “Dangerous” US Tour Date For ONEUS

Fans are not happy with the company’s response!

Netizens have taken to social media to criticize RBW Entertainment after an announcement that alluded to their group ONEUS going on tour later in the year.

The members of ONEUS | @official_ONEUS/ Twitter

Like many K-Pop groups, ONEUS has not had any shows or appearances outside of Korea since the COVID-19 pandemic started. On July 20, the Las Vegas music venue House of Blues released a tweet announcing that tickets would be going on sale for a ONEUS concert date to take place in October.

Many ONEUS fans (ToMoons) didn’t believe it was safe for the members to be traveling, especially as cases continue to rise worldwide. The concerns raised focused on the health of the members, the staff, and the fans that may attend the show.

After the concerns were raised on social media, RBW released a statement on the issue. In the post, the company explained that although they had not discussed the date for opening ticket sales, the topic of the tour itself was something that was being spoken about.

We have poured our hearts into planning and putting this tour together. So, we too want it now more than ever to go as smoothly and successfully as possible. To the best of our abilities, we are doing everything we can to prioritize the health and safety of the artists and fans who will make this tour possible. We have considered all things – including the members’ vaccination statuses, the risks of possible contraction, the current number of cases in the tour cities, etc. We assure you that we will continue to do our best and make sure the tour remains safe.

—RBW Entertainment

When the statement was released, ONEUS fans were not satisfied with the information that seemed to acknowledge that fans were unaware of the tour and had concerns about the pandemic. Yet, the statement seemed to imply that the tour dates would go ahead but that there would be added safety precautions.

After the statement was published, fans continued to voice their anger and concerns over the overseas tour. They started tweeting #BOYCOTT_RBW and flooding the group’s FanCafe in protest, hoping it will stop the company from making the members travel and perform during such uncertain times.

They also emphasize that this is not a boycott for ONEUS, but the company that they believe has failed to take the global situation into consideration.

RBW has yet to respond to the recent concerns from ONEUS fans, but it is not a topic that should be taken lightly during the global pandemic.

Source: Starnews and FI