RBW Releases An Official Statement Regarding Post About The One-China Principle

They apologize for causing concern.

Recently, Korean entertainment company RBW Entertainment and Japanese company Avex, who currently have trainees participating in a Chinese audition show, were under fire for similar issues.

RBW, who houses MAMAMOO, ONEUS, and ONEWE, released a statement on their social media account in regards to the controversy.

| rbw_official/Instagram

They stated that they adhered to the One-China Principle, meaning that country states are not recognized as a country but instead are under China.

The company has since deleted their post and issued an apology, stating that the post was uploaded with content that was not discussed with them.

Most recently, RBW has issued an official statement regarding the issue.

Today, a post that was not discussed internally was uploaded to the company’s social media account. After confirming, it was revealed to have been the employee’s sole action, and it was deleted immediately after discovering it. We apologize for confusing everyone. To prevent this from happening in the future, we will take strong measures to prevent any recurrences. Although this was an employee’s personal course of action, we truly apologize for causing concern.

Source: newsen