Big Hit Entertainment’s New Female Auditions ⁠— Here’s How Fans Are Reacting

10+ relatable AF reactions to this long-awaited announcement.

On June 17, Big Hit Entertainment announced that it is finally opening its doors to female applicants. Unfortunately, there’s a catch! Here’s how fans are reacting to the news so far.

1. The fine print

2. KonnichiWassup?

3. Does this count as experience?

4. *Googles “how to be a Japanese citizen”*

5. When you have no idol skills, but you still want to be involved:

6. Waiting for a different “J” audition

7. So. Much. Sadness.

8. How to exist?

9. Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

10. Foiled again!

11. Talentless, but YOLO

12. Excuse me for a moment. I need to go scream.

13. This photo = every girl who wanted to audition but was born before 2003 and doesn’t live in Japan

14. I’m (not) fine