This is what all the olympic athletes at Pyeongchang 2018 will eat

The Korean Food Institute changed traditional Korean food to fit the taste of foreign visitors for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

Source: @miel_jade

A seasoned Korean nutritionist, Cho Sung Sook, introduced the menu that’s been set for the Winter Olympics.

“I tried very hard to create a dish that resembles both Korean traditions as well as the westernized influence in it, so the athletes can enjoy the familiarity within the new cuisine.”

— Cho Sung Sook

The athletes from around the world will get to try out the famously nutritious Korean chicken ginseng soup, called Samgyetang. 


Also for those who cannot eat spicy food, they also prepared Triple White Kimchi, the non-spicy version of Kimchi that’s marinated with apple and pear sauce.

They modernized the Bulgogi dish by presenting it as a finger food option.

For seafood lovers, they have grilled pollack with steamed rice on the menu.

Perhaps the most famous Korean dish, Bibimbap had a modern presentation wrapped in pressed buckwheat and potato wrap.

The famous vermicelli noodle dish, Japchae was given a modern tweak to it as well.

Olympians from all over the world will be able to experience these fine cuisine in the upcoming Winter Olympics!

Source: Korea Times New York

Source: Channel News Asia