Here Is The Real Meaning Behind The License Plate Number In IU’s “Strawberry Moon” Music Video

Did you notice it?

When it comes to K-Pop soloists who will never cease to amaze fans, IU is always somewhere on the list. Since debuting in 2008, IU has released songs with deep meanings and focused on artistry rather than the best way to gain success. It is no different with her latest release, “Strawberry Moon.”

Teaser for “Strawberry Moon” | @_IUOfficial/ Twitter

One of the first things that fans noticed was that IU chose to release her track at midnight rather than the usual time of 6 PM (KST), which has been known to impact streaming scores.

Yet, it seems like IU also ensured that every detail of her music video had some sort of meaning, even if she didn’t recognize it at first! The soloist recently released some footage from the music video where she took fans through the process of filming and even some TMI.

In particular, one scene that has caught the attention of fans is where IU is in a vintage-looking car with actor Lee Jongwon, and they are driving. Although it was filmed on a green screen, it looks like they are driving in the clouds.

| 1theK/ YouTube

Although it might not be as clear in the music video, every detail of the car is tailored to IU, even the number plate which reads “JUN 14-2022.” As always, once fans saw it, they wanted to know what it meant and whether there was any significance!

When asked if she knew the meaning, IU didn’t seem to realize something special about it. Luckily, she used her acting skills and shared the thought that of the design.

June 14, 2022, is, do you know what day it is? It’s the day for next year’s ‘Strawberry Moon.’ If you calculate June 14, 2022, in the lunar calendar, it’s May 16th (IU’s birthday).

— IU

Alongside the date of IU’s birthday in the lunar calendar, the significance also comes from the fact that it is the day that the ‘Strawberry Moon’ will appear next year. It is a rare phenomenon that only occurs every few years when and is seen in June.

Native American tribes named it for the strawberries harvested in parts of North America during this time of year. Although the name “Strawberry Moon” doesn’t actually refer to its color, it can be seen as a pinkish hue during moonrise and moonset.

Although this might be the true significance, IU also added one more important meaning behind the date. In Korea, June 14 also marks “Kiss Day.”

Although Korean culture can sometimes shy away from affection, this day encourages them to move away from that idea. Couples will usually go to events together and kiss each other without the fear of being judged.

IU also added that with the date of next year’s “Strawberry Moon,” she would love to be able to perform the track live for the first time in front of audiences on that date.

As expected, everything IU does is full of thought, and the music video for this track is no exception. Although it might not be visible, it just showcases that everything means something, and hopefully, IU will be able to fulfill her dream of performing it on the day.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: IU Palette