The Real Owner Of EXO Chanyeol’s Rumored Phone Number Pleads To Harassing Fans

“I shake in fear each time I hear my phone vibrate.”

Can you imagine receiving thousands of phone call and text message a day because of someone mistakenly thought your number belonged to a K-pop idol? Well, here is a second-hand experience to the nightmare situation thanks to this poor man.

On January 20, a man shared his phone number and screen grabs of his phone on his Facebook to clear up a serious rumor. It seems like this poor guy’s phone number was shared among fans as EXO Chanyeol’s and fans have been making his life miserable.

“This is not EXO Chanyeol’s phone number so please stop calling me. The endless calls and text messages are making it impossible to live my daily life. Someone asks me if I’m Chanyeol every second of the day. I shake in fear each time I hear my phone vibrate. Please stop contacting me. EXO Fighting”

You can see from the photos that fans are calling and texting him nonstop and leaving messages for Chanyeol. It seems clear it is impossible for the owner of the phone number to function properly with his phone on. People who saw this post felt sorry for him and advised he should change his number right away.

Many EXO-Ls pointed this situation is embarrassing as a fellow EXO fan and it is unacceptable even if it was Chanyeol’s phone number. They commented on the post saying, “Please don’t call yourself an EXO-L when you are harassing this guy. Do you think Chanyeol would like this?”, “If you love someone you should protect their privacy.”, “This poor guy, I want him to know this is not an act of every EXO fans.”

Source: Insight