Here’s The Real Reason Why BLACKPINK’s Full-Length Album Is Called “The Album”

It was the perfect name.

Four years after their debut, BLACKPINK finally released their first full-length album called The Album. Composed of eight tracks, it featured a mix of exciting dance tracks and emotional pop songs. It even had high-profile collaborations with American artists Selena Gomez and Cardi B.

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Its very name was as eye-catching as its setlist. In a short interview with Good Morning America before their live performance of “Lovesick Girls” aired, the girls finally revealed the process behind picking The Album‘s name.

Your fans really love you and they appreciate you, and I know they’re excited about this new album. Why did you decide to name the album “The Album”?

— GMA Host

Rosé took up the challenge to briefly explain their thought process. She stated that there were actually numerous other title suggestions that they took into consideration.

We came up with many different other names.

— Rosé

In the end, however, their long waiting period contributed to the name officially becoming simply “The Album”.

At the end of the day, we thought that our fans have been waiting for BLACKPINK’s album for such a long time that there was nothing better than to just name our album, BLACKPINK: The Album.

— Rosé

In the eyes of BLACKPINK, Teddy, and their company: “We thought it was just perfect”.

Rosé confirmed the same sentiment in a separate interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

We decided to go with something that just described it the best. BLACKPINK: The Album sounded straightforward.

– Rosé

If you want to see their full Q&A with Good Morning America, check out the video below.

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