The Real Reason Why GOT7’s Jackson Wang Prioritized GOT7’s Comeback Over His Busy Solo Schedule, According To Jackson

His reasoning says a lot about who he really is!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has been busy working on his own music and many other creative projects in the past year, so it’s no surprise that participating in a GOT7 comeback was a difficult balancing act for him. Yet, Jackson ended up prioritizing GOT7’s comeback over his own busy schedule, and here is the real reason why!

Speaking with W Korea, the members all shared a bit about their respective journeys as artists since leaving JYP Entertainment. Jackson has spent a lot of time managing his own label, Team Wang. He recently realized, however, that while he enjoys managing the company, he prefers being an artist and performing much more.

To be honest, I’m fine with business. If I don’t become a singer, I think I can become the best manager as a leader of a company. But my love for music and stage is greater.

— Jackson Wang

This realization prompted Jackson to leave the managing of the company to his team and to focus on being an artist. And what he really wanted to do was to perform in Korea again, seeing as it is the place that accepted ‘artist Jackson.’ Yet opportunities did not immediately show up, according to Jackson, and scheduling was a big issue.

Korea is the place that accepted me. I wanted to continue working in Korea, but there was no opportunity. Either there was no opportunity, or the timing was not right because the opportunity came in in a hurry.

— Jackson Wang

| @GOT7/Twitter

When the time came, despite the difficulty of finding an opening in his already stressful schedule, Jackson ended up deciding to take 3 months off to focus on GOT7’s comeback. And the reason why he ultimately chose to prioritize GOT7 is, according to Jackson, because “You can’t forget what’s important.” After all, GOT7 is a family!

Because of this comeback album, I was off schedule for 3 months. It’s not easy to take 3 months off when you have your own plans to some extent. Even though it was not easy, I saw that I had to do it. Because you can’t forget what’s important. It’s easy to say, but we all have one mind, but things are complicated now that we’re in different companies. This is a family.

— Jackson Wang

| @GOT7/Twitter

Not only that, but after spending a long time questioning whether he was really happy and what his standard for happiness is, Jackson realized that he wants to be an artist who has the freedom to do what he wants and to be himself without limitations. And now, thanks to that, GOT7 is here again.

Come to think of it, I am a person who wants to continue being a singer. I want to become a free artist without being complicated and thinking too much. Even when I was doing music, if I focused on technique too much, I felt like my ‘me’ was disappearing. In conclusion, Just Be Me. And no matter what others say, we are here again.

— Jackson Wang

Thankfully, Jackson was able to take time for GOT7, something that says a lot about his loyalty and commitment as a friend and professional.  As GOT7 makes history with their 2022 comeback, Jackson and all the members are surely more than happy about all the work they’ve put into this new album. And, of course, Ahgase will always appreciate everything the members have done to make it happen, just as they will always support the members’ solo ventures as well!

Source: W Korea


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