The Real Reason Why “Single’s Inferno 2” Star Lee So E Chose Kim Han Bin For Her Paradise Date

She picked her best friend over her crushes.

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Single’s Inferno 2 star Lee So E surprised a few people when she had the choice of any man to go to Paradise with…

Jo Yoong Jae | Netflix

For a long time, Lee So E had pursued Jo Yoong Jae, who only had feelings for Choi Seo Eun. Still, despite her sad feelings, she attempted to keep a positive attitude and befriended everyone in Inferno.

Yet, when a new man arrived, he surprised everyone, including her, when he chose her as his date for Paradise. Instant fan-favorite Kim Se Jun stole our hearts, but So E had stolen his, and we were all living for their chemistry.

Yet, shortly after they returned from their date, the women competed in Korean wrestling to win their choice of a Paradise date. Surprisingly, So E won first place.

Instantly, everyone wondered who So E would choose among the men. Even the panelists couldn’t agree. They were divided over whether she would stay focused on her first love, Yoong Jae.

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The editors surely portrayed So E as conflicted herself. She consulted with Seo Eun even before deciding.

Most all viewers were praying that So E would not choose Yoong Jae, especially after all their awkward interactions… Like him choosing Lee Nadine so that he wouldn’t go to Paradise with So E.

Sure enough, So E relieved us all by not choosing Yoong Jae. Yet, she shocked some by choosing Kim Han Bin, with who she had never indicated she had a romantic interest.

Actually, the two were best friends in Inferno. While she liked Yoong Jae, he liked Seo Eun. Through this, they bonded over unreciprocated love.

Even Han Bin confessed later while watching that he was shocked that she chose him. He had expected her to choose Yoong Jae.

Besides, some had hoped that So E would return to Paradise with Se Jun. Now, she has revealed the reason behind her decision.

So E admitted that, naturally, Yoong Jae was the first that came to mind after she won. But instead of thinking selfishly, she took into account everyone’s feelings.

I said I won’t pressure him, but I thought it’ll be nice to go there with him at least once. But I thought that wouldn’t be right.

— Lee So E

Se Jun was the second man that came to mind. At the time, she wasn’t sure about her feelings, so she didn’t want to confuse him by picking him right after their first Paradise date.

So I was thinking about Se Jun next. I wasn’t sure about my feelings for Se Jun. I couldn’t choose him in case he might misunderstand.

— Lee So E

So, ultimately she chose Han Bin. She knew she wouldn’t have to overthink things if she went with him.

The besties ended up having fun while also talking about their true feelings!

Watch the full interview below.

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