The Reason Why A Legendary Singer Gives Allowance To Every Junior Who Visits Him Will Make You Cry

10 million won a week?! Can we be his juniors, too?

Recently, a legendary singer in Korea revealed that he spends a hefty sum of money giving allowance to everybody around him—but why?

Tae Jinah | @taejina434141/Instagram

Tae Jinah is a famous trot singer who debuted in 1973 with the song “My Heart Express Train.” Since then, he has risen to fame and hosted radio programs, appeared on countless television programs, and won numerous awards throughout his 50-year music career.

He is a veteran in the Korean music industry, and apparently, he is also quite a cool sunbae, or senior. On Channel A‘s show Happy Morning, it was revealed that the allowance Tae Jinah gave to his wife, family, and juniors amounted to billions of won.

A reporter stated that Tae Jinah is not the type who only feeds his own direct family.

If his niece is going to college, he pays the full tuition, and if they’re getting married, he buys them a house.

Tae Jinah and his wife Lee Ok Hyung | @taejina434141/Instagram

It was also revealed that Tae Jinah spoils his juniors with allowances when they visit him in his dressing room. It is a Korean music industry custom for juniors to go visit their seniors in their dressing rooms and give them their new albums as gifts. Whereas most seniors would simply greet their juniors and accept their gift with perhaps some words of sunbae advice, Tae Jinah took the extra step and gave them money. The amount he spent on allowance is about ₩10.0 million KRW (about $7,720 USD) a week.

| @taejina434141/Instagram

The reason why he gives money to his juniors is moving.

When I was a rookie unknown artist, I wanted to release many albums but I didn’t have the money to do so. So I want to help my juniors be able to release an abundance of albums.

— Tae Jinah

Tae Jinah supporting Wanna One | @taejina434141/Instagram

Tae Jinah’s empathetic and caring heart explains why he is so giving to those around him—and he definitely has the financial freedom to do so. The broadcast revealed that Tae Jinah bought a building in 2013 for ₩4.70 billion KRW (about $3.63 million USD), and its market price soared afterward—by 2020, it was almost six times more than he paid when he first bought it.

When I first purchased the building, it cost about ₩4.70 billion KRW (about $3.63 million USD), including taxes. In April [of 2021], it will be eight years since I purchased it, and it has reached ₩25.0 billion KRW (about $19.3 million USD).

— Tae Jinah in 2020

He also owns a cafe that is located in the same building as YMC Entertainment, a record label owned by his son. Former artists at YMC Entertainment include I.O.I., Wanna One, Ailee, Jessi, and many more.

Tae Jinah (left) and Kang Daniel (right) | @taejina434141/Instagram

It’s no wonder Tae Jinah can flex to his juniors and family by giving hefty allowances. Still, more than the money, it’s his kind and giving heart that is the most impressive!



Source: Herald Corporation