SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And Mingyu Can’t Listen To Their Old Songs Anymore—Here’s Why

We ❤️ their oldest songs just as much as their latest releases!

SEVENTEEN‘s entire discography is amazing, but Vernon and Mingyu recently revealed they can’t listen to their group’s earliest songs anymore.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Vernon | @gyusolfile/Twitter

The group’s hiphop team (Vernon, Mingyu, Wonwoo, and S.Coups) recently sat down together to answer fans’ questions as part of the group’s YouTube series Dawn Is Hotter Than Day.


The first question was “Were there moments that you felt you’ve grown a lot and moments when you saw other members and thought ‘When did they grow so much?'”

S.Coups revealed that he thinks Vernon’s voice shows how much he’s grown. “I feel his growth in his voice. His voice changed,” S.Coups said.

Vernon agreed and said he can’t listen to their old songs anymore because of how different his voice sounded back then.

Mingyu agreed with Vernon and said, “I can’t either.” 

Mingyu continued his statement by saying “the hiphop team’s songs are hard for me to listen to,” and Wonwoo asked him, “You can’t listen to ‘Ah Yeah’ at all?”

Mingyu answered, “I can’t listen to it at all. It makes me feel really embarrassed.” 

Mingyu later revealed that he still looks back on the early days of SEVENTEEN’s career and is grateful for what he’s learned over the years even though he doesn’t listen to their old songs anymore. “Of course there are a lot of memories in those songs, but that era was a bit embarrassing for me, and I think it’s because we’ve grown so much now,” he said.

Although we love SEVENTEEN’s early songs as much as their latest releases, we can totally see the growth the members mentioned!

See the full episode of Dawn Is Hotter Than Day below.