The Reason SHINee’s Key Cried On Set For The First Time Ever After Filming The “BAD LOVE” Music Video

“There was quite a lot of drama.”

SHINee‘s Key is set to release his first mini album, BAD LOVE, on September 27th, and he recently revealed that he cried after he finished filming the music video for the title track.

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Key is featured in the October 2021 issue of Vogue Korea, and he spoke about the process of making BAD LOVE, the album’s retro space vibes, where he gets his inspiration from, and more.

| Vogue Korea

During his interview with Vogue, Key also revealed that he cried after filming wrapped for the “BAD LOVE” music video, as well as the reason he cried on set.

| Vogue Korea

The interviewer asked Key if there was a “memorable moment” while working on his solo mini album, and Key said he cried once the “BAD LOVE” music video shoot ended. He revealed that there was “quite a lot of drama” while putting the album together and that he dealt with time and budget issues, differences in opinion with others, and even having to scrap the music video synopsis.

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This is really the first time it happened but after the ‘BAD LOVE’ music video shoot ended, I cried. I didn’t do that even during the debut music video. I guess this album was intense after all. There were time and budget issues, the music video synopsis was scrapped, and I had differences in opinion with people.  There was quite a lot of drama. When the music video shoot ended, those moments flashed by and I felt a strange mix of emotions.

— Key

Key also revealed that “BAD LOVE” had some complications because his opinion differed from “the staff’s vote.” Ultimately, Key was able to bring his creative vision to life and make a video he’s proud of. “I decided to trust myself more,” he said.

| Vogue Korea

Clearly, Key poured his heart and soul into the “BAD LOVE” music video and the mini album, and we’re looking forward to seeing his hard work come to life in just a few days!


Source: Vogue Korea