Reports List The 5 Reasons Why IRENE&SEULGI Is The Most Highly Anticipated Unit Debut Of 2020

Reason #0: They’re Irene and Seulgi.

Red Velvet‘s first unit group, IRENE & SEULGI are preparing their official debut on July 6, and a Korean journalist listed the 5 reasons why they’re the most highly anticipated unit debut of 2020.

1. They’re the first SM female unit group to debut in 8 years.

IRENE & SEULGI will be the first female unit group to debut from SM Entertainment since Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo. TaeTiSeo debuted back in 2012 and took over the world. Now it’s IRENE & SEULGI’s time.

2. The new music style is completely different from Red Velvet’s signature sound.

SM promises that IRENE & SEULGI’s new music will be much different than Red Velvet’s signature energetic pop sound. Their title track, “Monster”, is said to be a memorable pop dance track that features heavy bass and strong dubstep sounds.

3. IRENE & SEULGI’s mood board is a refreshing twist to their Red Velvet vibes.

Not only will their music and performance be different, Irene and Seulgi’s visuals will be different. The renown art director Lee Hae Young took charge of the album’s visual aspects to make sure the girls showcase a unique “hip” styling.

Left: Monster, Right: Red Flavor
Left: Monster, Right: Psycho

4. Irene and Seulgi are “All Rounders”.

There’s a reason why Red Velvet are global stars. The members are all extremely talented musicians who are top influencers in fashion and variety shows as well.

Taking Irene and Seulgi out for an amplified synergy will surely be a hit!

5. Irene and Seulgi’s visuals.

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Source: The Fact

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