“Reborn Rich” Actor Shares His Surprising First Impression Of Katy Louise Saunders

Katy Louise Saunders is said to have visted the set often!

An actor who appeared on Reborn Rich with Song Joong Ki revealed his impression of Katy Louise Saunders.

Song Joong Ki (left) and Katy Louise Saunders (right) | Korean Herald

On June 21, Kim Young Jae appeared on Radio Star. Fans may remember Kim Young Jae as the actor who played Song Joong Ki’s father on Reborn Rich.

Kim Young Jae | tistory

On this day, Kim Young Jae revealed that he has become much more popular, thanks to the drama.

Even if they don’t know my name, wherever I go, I get called Joongki’s father. After the drama ended, I went on a trip, and the owner of the lodge where I was staying, recognized me.

— Kim Young Jae

Kim Young Jae then revealed the actors were attending a dinner together when Song Joong Ki’s dating news first broke out.

Song Joong Ki’s dating news broke while we were all out together. So I got to listen to the couple’s story.

— Kim Young Jae

The actor then shared that Katy Louise Saunders had visited the drama’s film set often before the news broke out.

Even before the dating news was first reported, Song Joong Ki’s wife had visited the set. I couldn’t imagine that she was his wife. I thought she was a staff member. She visited the set often.

— Kim Young Jae

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders recently welcomed their first child. The actor shared the news with fans in a letter, writing, “I wanted to share the wonderful news with you. We welcomed our first child in my wife’s hometown, Rome. The baby and my wife are both healthy, and we are very thankful.”

Source: wikitree