Recent Broadcast Reveals This Idol Is The Number 1 Visual Among Girl Groups

Red Velvet‘s Irene was recently chosen as the number one beauty among female idols according to KBS variety show Chart Man.

No one can resist Irene’s undeniable beauty as even reporters fall in love with her naturally stunning looks. Now variety show Chart man has announced Irene as the number one beauty among female idols.

Irene received compliments for her looks from a young age as the variety show demonstrated with school photographs of Irene before she became a trainee. Her beautiful looks are obvious even from a younger age it is no wonder she was known for her beauty while growing up.

Irene was not only chosen for her beautiful looks but her caring personality. As Irene received compliments for her loving attitude to her fellow Red Velvet members during their days as SM Entertainment trainees. The variety show hosts complemented Irene for her motherly attitude as it was revealed she washed her member’s clothes and cooked for them as they were still attending school and worked long hours as trainees.

Fellow SM Entertainment idol Taeyeon of Girls Generation came in second while MAMAMOO‘s Solar came third on the variety shows beauty chart.

Take a look at why Irene was chosen as Chart Man‘s number one beauty below!