Red Velvet Announces New Reality Show and More at Fan Event in Thailand

Irene revealed that one of the reasons why Red Velvet traveled to Thailand is to film the group’s first ever reality show.

Red Velvet recently held a fan sign and fan meet in Thailand, during which the girls were asked why they were in Thailand. Irene revealed then news of Red Velvet’s new reality program.

“Ah, we are here to film for our reality show.”

Red Velvet Irene

In addition to news of the group’s reality show, Red Velvet also announced that they would be having a solo concert soon. Thailand may be one of the locations they visit for their concert as Irene also mentioned during the fan meet that they would definitely be back to visit Thailand soon.

Fans have been looking forward to both of these for a long time now, as the group has been active for almost 3 years and have not had either a reality show or a solo concert.


Red Velvet announced that they would be accepting submissions for the group’s official fan club name in January and fans suspect that the group’s solo concert will be announced at the same time as the fan club name.

Recently, Red Velvet performed at both SXSW 2017 and KCON Mexico.