Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” Becomes Their First Track Ever To Be Certified As Platinum By Gaon

Congratulations, Red Velvet!

Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” has been officially certified as Platinum by Gaon!

On April 9, Reveluvs were delighted to see that Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” had surpassed 2.5 million downloads, and was officially their first track to be certified as Platinum!


“Bad Boy” is actually the group’s third track to cross 2.5 million downloads, but is the only one certified as Platinum because Gaon has set the certification system for tracks released 2018 onwards only. Red Velvet’s earlier tracks that previously crossed 2.5 million are “Russian Roulette” and “Red Flavor”, released 2016 and 2017 respectively.

This also marks Red Velvet’s first “velvet” concept track to cross 2.5 million downloads, as “Russian Roulette” and “Red Flavor” are considered their “red” concept tracks.

Fans are overjoyed at the news!


Congratulations, Red Velvet!

Watch the MV here to celebrate!

Source: Gaon

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