Red Velvet’s “Psycho” Producer May Have Leaked The Group’s Comeback Date

It’s already been 499 days since “Psycho” 😭

As Red Velvet reached 500 days since their last group comeback with hit song “Psycho”, fans are getting antsier for a new track by the day. Now, “Psycho” producer Drew Scott may have finally given a spoiler of when to expect it.

Drew Scott is known for his great relationship with the ReVeluv fandom as well as the members themselves. He’s often seen chatting with fans on Twitter, revealing tidbits about the group. When Wendy finally made her return to the stage for the SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity” online concert after her untimely accident, Scott was one of her biggest supporters, revealing he keeps in contact with several of the members.

Now, it looks like he may be revealing spoilers too. When Drew Scott divulged on Twitter that “Psycho” has sold a staggering 13 million units worldwide, fans were full of praise for his producing skills.

One fan by the name lightheartedly asked Scott to tell SM Entertainment to give Red Velvet a June comeback, with another fan responding that July would be better given that June is already “packed” with major comebacks. That’s when Scott responded with a cryptic reply: “July…” followed by the mischievous “devil” smile emoji.

And he didn’t stop there. Just minutes later, Drew Scott dropped another tweet referencing July 2021. While he didn’t explicitly mention Red Velvet, the implications sent ReVeluvs into overdrive.

Soon after, another fan told Scott, “You’re a king,” asking him to work with Red Velvet again in the future, to which Scott responded “I am,” with a smirk. Again, his ambiguous tweet left possibilities reeling—is he agreeing to be a king, or is he admitting to currently working with the star group? While either could be true, his repeated teasing has fans sure he’s dropping real spoilers.

So, could Red Velvet finally be making a long-awaited comeback in July—one year and seven months after the release of their last group song, “Psycho”? It’s looking more likely by the moment. The members have been teasing the upcoming comeback in various interviews and appearances over the past few months. Most recently, Yeri told fans on an Instagram live broadcast that she’ll be preparing for the comeback after shooting for her web drama debut, Blue Birthday.

After “Psycho” was officially named South Korea’s no.1 digital idol group song of 2020, there’s no doubt that fans and the general public are eagerly awaiting their next release, no matter when it comes.

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