Red Velvet’s Concept Image For “Feel My Rhythm'” Reminds Fans Of A Surprising Fact About Irene

Fans are already convinced this will be Irene’s era.

Red Velvet is releasing a new mini-album, The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm’, on March 21st, 2022.

Fans are excited for the group’s comeback since it has been six months since they released “Queendom.”

In preparation for the album, SM Entertainment released a concept photo showing the members as beautiful ballerinas.

(left to right) Red Velvet’s Joy, Yeri, Irene, Wendy, and Seulgi | @RVsmtown/Twitter

The members all look stunning, and with Instagram formatting, where the large photo is uploaded as several smaller pictures, fans got close-ups of the members’ visuals.

| @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

Main dancer Seulgi looks beautiful in the photo.

| @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

And so does Joy, whose delicate visuals lend themselves perfectly to this concept.

| @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

And while Yeri and Wendy also look incredibly stunning, fans are already convinced that this will be Irene‘s era.

Once fans saw the close-up of Irene, some noticed how perfectly she was executing the ballet position.

And a bunch of fans remembered that the idol has actually had ballet training before.

So it’s understandable that she would not only suit the concept spectacularly well but that even in a simple pose, her previous training would be reflected in perfect posture.

Many fans are even hopeful that the choreography for Red Velvet’s upcoming title track can somehow include ballet, so Irene gets a chance to shine.

Because of her flexibility and training, Irene would definitely take the spotlight for a ballet-type concept.

Even if the choreography doesn’t officially include ballet, it can definitely include ballet-style movements. Or even, as one Twitter user suggests, a dance break for Irene.

Irene has always stunned fans with her dance skills, but hopefully, this upcoming comeback will be her chance to truly show off her expertise.

But whether or not The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm’ includes “balle-rene,” fans definitely have a lot to look forward to.

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