Red Velvet Didn’t Think Their Fans Would Like “Bad Boy”… They Were Wrong

A different concept for Red Velvet, but a whole lot of love from ReVeluvs!

Everyone who’s ever listened to Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” knows the song is a total bop and is deserving of every single one of its accomplishments, but surprisingly the girls didn’t think the song would go over well.


During a recent interview, the girls were asked why they thought “Bad Boy” has turned out to be such a successful song. Instead of directly answering the question, Joy announced that when they heard the demo they didn’t think ReVeluvs would like it at all!

“Honestly, when we first heard the demo we didn’t think our fans would like it this much. But to our surprise, they like it a lot.” —Joy


Although they at first didn’t think fans would like it, we all know that song is well loved and Joy thought all that love may be because of their concept.

“I think the reason our fans love it is because of the powerful image we portrayed for the album concept, as opposed to the cute concepts we’ve shown in the past.” —Joy


Wendy added her own thoughts as to why the song is so loved. She thought that it might be because the song brings back memories.

“According to The Stereotypes who made the music, ‘Bad Boy’ has the style of music from the 80’s and 90’s. I think it kind of brings back memories and that’s what made people like the sound.” —Wendy


The girls may not be able to put their finger on why “Bad Boy” has been so successful, but there’s no doubt that the song really has been! In fact, the song is so popular that Red Velvet performed an English version of the song at KCON New York and the crowd went absolutely wild!

Red Velvet Sang An English Version Of “Bad Boy” For Fans At KCON NY


Besides the shocking news about “Bad Boy”, the girls also hinted that they may have a project in the works. So we may be getting a comeback soon!

“Summer Red Velvet? Maybe. We hope! We’re actually working on it although its a secret.” —Wendy


Check out the girls’ full interview below!

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