Red Velvet’s Irene Reveals Her Shocking Alcohol Tolerance Level And Drinking Habits

It’s definitely not what you’d expect!

Red Velvet‘s Irene revealed her shocking alcohol tolerance level and her unique style in drinking on I Will Channel You.


Although many fans know Irene to be a lightweight drinker but she surprisingly can drink up to 3 bottles of soju!

“When I used to drink a lot, I drank up to 3 bottles. 3 bottles of soju.

I realized that my tolerance level increased as I drank more frequently, so I ended up drinking 3 bottles.”

— Irene


Although she drank 3 bottles back in her prime, she says she can’t drink that much anymore.

“I can’t drink like that these days.”

— Irene


She also revealed that soju is her only choice of drink because beer and wine doesn’t match her very well.

“I can’t drink beer. Even if I drink, I drink only soju since nothing else fits me well.

I can’t even drink wine because my head hurts so much the next day.”

— Irene


With her matching surprisingly well with soju, it’s no wonder Irene was recently chosen as the main model for a famous soju brand! Her commercials were a big hit with the public!


Irene also uploaded an adorable Valentine’s Day video for her soju brand. Soju with Irene on Valentine’s Day? It’d be a dream come true!

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