Here’s Why Red Velvet’s Irene Is Simply The Best Leader Ever

No one can deny Irene’s motherly love.

It is no secret that Red Velvet‘s Irene goes the extra mile to take care of her members as the leader of the group.


As a result, it is no surprise that she has proven herself one more time. On January 16, 2019 the Red Velvet members arrived at the Incheon International Airport to head to Chile for the SMTOWN Special Stage in Santiago.


On this day, Seulgi seemed to be wearing a very thin sweater considering the face-numbingly cold weather.


And with Irene’s maternal love, she couldn’t just standby and watch. So what she did was snuggle up to Seulgi and give her a warm hug to keep her warm.


Not only that, she even wrapped her own padded jacket around Seulgi so that she wouldn’t be as cold.


And she didn’t stop even after they entered the building.


That’s not all! Even after getting into the building, Irene continued to “protect” Seulgi by holding onto her tight and nudging her to keep on walking when she was waving at the camera.


As the leader and also the oldest member of Red Velvet, Irene has continued to take care of her members through small acts of kindness that can easily be overlooked. Not only does she carries things for her members…


She also buys them food, drinks and presents…


And even makes sure they are well fed!

The Red Velvet members are truly lucky to have such a great leader by their side!


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