Red Velvet Irene’s Birthday Party Was Full Of Surprises — Including An Unreleased Song

The K-Pop superstar had plenty of performances in store.

The Red Velvet star recently celebrated her 32nd birthday with 1000 lucky fans who were able to attend her Birthday Party event. Since it has been over four years since Irene’s last birthday party, she seemed to have worked hard to prepare the best surprises for fans and entertain them as much as possible. 

The YES24 Live Hall venue was filled with gasps of shock when Irene started out the event in the best possible way, a dance performance. The first surprise of the night greeted fans, who were totally not expecting it, right away when Irene stepped on the stage to perform a powerful and sexy dance cover of Ariana Grande’s “Focus.” Though only 1000 fans were able to attend, thanks to their amazing fancams, everyone was able to witness Irene showing off her incredible dancing skills. 

The star had her beautiful long hair down, which made for some incredible choreography. 

The second surprise came soon after when Irene decided that following the incredible demonstration of her dancing was not enough and that it was time to bless ReVeluvs with her impressive vocals too. The Red Velvet leader graciously sang a cover of Kwon Jin Ah’s “Flower Heart” and melted the fans’ hearts doing so. The song perfectly showcased Irene’s singing abilities, which often go underappreciated according to fans. Not to mention the idol looked like a real-life princess as she sang, dressed in a gorgeous white gown with some light makeup adorning her face. 

After playing a couple of fun games with fans, which made for some hilarious moments where Irene kept mishearing what fans were shouting over one another, it seemed like the night had sadly come to an end. But, thoughtful as ever, Irene had decided to leave fans with an amazing parting gift. She left the stage for a second time and returned to perform an unreleased song fans had never heard before. The cute and refreshing track was confirmed to be an unreleased Irene solo song by the idol herself, who couldn’t help but smile wide as ever as she performed in front of ReVeluvs. 

Not only did the song delight the fans who were attending the event, but the internet also went crazy once everyone found out the song was the idol’s first solo song in a long time. Called “Ka Ching!” by fans, as the song does not have an official title yet, everyone is waiting for the official release — many say they’re already addicted to it! 

After enjoying a night full of amazing surprises, fans took to social media to thank Irene for preparing all these fun performances to entertain them. They also made sure to share how much they liked each of the stages and the excitement they feel for the potential release of “Ka Ching!”

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