Red Velvet’s Irene Reveals The Backstory Of Why She Switched Choreography With BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Bet friends borrow each others’ choreography!

During the past episode of Show Music Core, Red Velvet’s Irene and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie switched choreographies! Jennie began performing ‘SOLO’ but surprised both ReVeluvs and BLINKs with her new hand gestures!


The same gesture was from Red Velvet’s choreography for their latest track, ‘RBB (Really Bad Boy)’!


But to make the day even better, Irene also added an extra dance move to her choreography during ‘RBB’!


The same pointing dance was the highlight of Jennie’s ‘SOLO’ choreography!


Irene recently guested on a radio show, where she revealed that Jennie was the one who actually suggested that they switch choreography! Irene agreed to teach their ‘RBB’ dance if Jennie would teach her a move from ‘SOLO’, and that’s how the historical moment between the two friends unfolded!

“Jennie asked me to teach her our choreography. I asked her why she wanted to learn it, and she explained that she free styles the beginning of her song and that she wanted to [use our choreography].

So I told her that I also have a freestyle part and that I’ll dance her choreography.”

— Irene


Irene and Jennie continue to show their adorable sides to a beautiful friendship!


Check out Jennie and Irene’s switched performances below: