Red Velvet Irene Confesses She Hates This Part Of Her Face

Even the visual goddess Irene has something she doesn’t like about her face!

You’d think the visual goddess Irene wouldn’t have anything bad to say about her face, but she has a complex just like everyone else!

During SBS’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”, Red Velvet’s Irene revealed that she doesn’t like it when her eyes get puffy.

“I have [complexes] too. Like when my eyes get swollen…” — Irene

She also thinks that her cheekbones are too broad.

“… and my cheekbones stick out on the side.” — Irene

Wendy hilariously spoke up by inferring that her cheekbones were small compared to hers!

“You call those cheekbones?” — Wendy

But in the eyes of the fans, both Wendy and Irene have the cutest cheekbones that are just perfect for their beautiful visuals!

Watch Irene and Wendy’s adorable interaction below: