Red Velvet’s Irene Just Teased Her Upcoming Solo Debut

The Red Velvet star teased fans with the topic of her solo during a Birthday Party event.

Irene celebrated her 32nd birthday on April 13 through a Birthday Party event with 1000 lucky fans. The night was full of several surprises and amazing performances, but the best moment definitely came when Irene mentioned her solo debut. Fans have been waiting for years to see Irene shine on the stage alone, and it’s been expected of her to follow in the footsteps of her bandmates, Wendy, Joy, and Seulgi — who have already had their solo debuts — soon. 

Irene during her Birthday Part. | @is_kayin/Twitter

While Irene remains tightlipped about all things related to future Red Velvet and solo activities — fans have often tried to get spoilers out of her and failed — it seems like she decided to be extra nice to ReVeluvs during her party. During one of the show’s game segments, Irene was talking to the crowd of fans who kept shouting things at the idol. One fan screamed “Irene Solo” and the rest erupted in wild cheers, which made the idol giggle in excitement. 

As the fans started quieting down, Irene repeated the fan’s words, which made fans cheer even louder. The peak of the moment, however, happened when Irene teasingly asked fans “Are you waiting for it [her solo debut]?” The crowd of 1000 fans screamed the loudest they had during the night, which definitely answered Irene’s question. 

This isn’t the first time the Red Velvet star has been asked about a solo debut, though it is the only occasion when she’s directly spoken to fans about it. During fan video calls for Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” and “Birthday” releases, several fans have asked Irene about her solo and told her they’re excitingly waiting for it. While before the idol used to answer with “If there’s a chance I’d want to do it.” this time, fans noted Irene seemed to tease fans with the fact that it’s going to happen soon. 

Another hint that fans think may point toward Irene’s debut coming sooner than later is the font used in her Birthday Party announcement poster. ReVeluvs pointed out that the “I” on the poster is a totally different font from the rest of the text, with it looking similar to the stylized fonts SM Entertainment has used for the other Red Velvet members’ solo debuts. Someone even made an amazing edit of what Irene’s own logo -— which has become a tradition for Red Velvet debuts, following Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi’s unit debut -— may look like. 

Adding the performance of a new unreleased song Irene blessed fans with during her party event to all these hints, fans believe more than ever that Irene’s highly anticipated solo debut is closer than ever.

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