Red Velvet’s Irene Being Proud Of Wendy And Reassuring Her Is The Wholesome Content You Needed Today

We all need an Irene in our lives, tbh.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is the kindest and most caring leader!

On December 23, Red Velvet made their comeback with their third and final album of the year, The ReVe Festival: Finale and the accompanying title track, “Psycho”.


In celebration of their comeback, the group held a live broadcast prior to the release of their album, titled Red Velvet’s PsychoRISTMAS Party. During the live broadcast, the members discussed their title track, spoiled a bit of all the new tracks that were to be included in the album, and played lots of games to truly celebrate their “PsychoRISTMAS”!



For one of the games they played, they divided themselves into 2 groups: “Psy” (Seulgi, Joy and Yeri) and “Cho” (Irene and Wendy). They engaged in a game of Q&A Jenga, where on each block piece, there would be a question or a mission with assigned points. The way to win the game was to answer the question or finish the mission successfully, thereby gaining the number of points associated with the block piece.

Team “Psy”


Team “Cho”


When it was the “Cho” team’s turn, Wendy picked out a block with this mission:


Boast about 3 things that you’re proud of this year.



While all the members complained loudly about how easy the task was, Wendy scratched her head, saying it was extremely difficult for her. It was then that Irene held her hand and helped her list down all the things she should be proud of!

Why not? You made an Instagram account this year! Ah sorry, SNS account.

You did a lot of live broadcasts this year.

And you also bleached your hair prettily.





To each point Wendy adorably agreed with each one, but she stopped a little at the hair bleaching point, saying:


Is that something to be proud of though?


To which Irene firmly replied,

Yes it is.

Now put it [Jenga block] down.



In times of self-doubt, its nice to know that Wendy has a friend like Irene to remind her of how proud she is of her, as well as about all the good things she’s done, big and small!


Red Velvet recently made their comeback with “Psycho”. Unfortunately, Wendy suffered from an accident during the stage rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun, and will be on hiatus until further notice to recover from her injuries.

We wish Wendy a full and speedy recovery!

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