Red Velvet’s Irene Lets Out Her Inner Rap Queen With A Confidence Boost From Wendy

Coach Wendy even stayed overtime to encourage Irene!

Throughout Red Velvet‘s promotions for their long awaited comeback, “Queendom”, the girls have been an example of how professional and supportive a senior girl group can be. From staying calm and cool in the midst of a massive storm to helping their juniors out when they needed it most, the girls have truly earned the title of “Queens”.

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In a recent behind-the-scenes video, Wendy and Irene showed another element of how a senior girl group can lift each other up when they need it most.

Fans have fallen in love with Irene’s rap in “Queendom” which features predominantly English lyrics. While Irene owns these lyrics now, this wasn’t always the case.

Irene initially struggled to nail down the pronunciation of the more uncommon words like “dazzle” and “red castle” while recording the song which led to the rap lacking the confidence we now know it for. Luckily, Wendy happened to stay over after her recording session had ended.

When Irene seemed to struggle with “dazzle”, Wendy was the supportive coach ready to talk her through the word. Wendy explained that “It’s supposed to sound like ‘jeul’ but pronounce it in English,” before adding “and try being coy a little bit” to keep Irene from focusing too much on the word itself.

Wendy’s trick worked like a charm when Irene recorded her part. The “dazzle” went from princess energy to full blow queen. Needless to say, Wendy was proud of how quickly Irene picked up on her trick.

Later in the recording session, Irene reached another blockade with the words “bling bling”. Wendy explained that Irene needed to put her emphasis on the second bling instead of overthinking the first.

When Irene tried this, those in the studio were so impressed that they couldn’t hold back their excitement, exclaiming “Oh, you did so well just now!”

By the end of the session, Irene was feeling so strong in her musicality that she decided to record the rap one more time but with an idea in mind. She explained to the producer that the cadence of flow needed to match the choreography of the song.

Wendy offered a tip to Irene for “red castle” where she would clench her fist on the word “red” for emphasis.

This is where Wendy’s tutelage reached its crest as her “red” trick didn’t do much for the confident Irene. “Unni, I guess you just need to do it as you normally did,” Wendy said.

Irene slayed her final recording and then the pair were ready to go. Wendy had been waiting to leave together but realized they both had separate schedules. She didn’t mind, however, because she got to help her member.

We love seeing Red Velvet support each other like this. What are your thoughts on Wendy’s tutoring methods? Let us know and to see the full recording session behind-the-scenes, check out the video below:

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