Items Already Sold Out: Red Velvet’s Irene Returns To Brand Deals With A Bang After 3 Years

Fans worldwide eagerly await what this partnership will bring in the future.

The K-Pop world is buzzing, and the reason? Red Velvet’s Irene is back in the limelight, this time as the new muse for a Korean make-up brand’s Japanese branch, 2aN. Her return to the world of solo commercial endorsements after an absence of three years has fans and beauty enthusiasts rallying behind her, proving that her influence in the industry remains unshaken.

| 2aN
| 2aN

Earlier this week, 2aN kept fans on their toes with a series of blurred videos, cheekily challenging them to guess their newest muse. But as it turns out, when you’re as iconic as Irene, it’s almost impossible to remain hidden.

ReVeluvs instantly recognized their beloved leader, and a wave of excitement enveloped the fandom.

Fast forward to today, and the official announcement has only fanned the flames of the frenzy. In a confident proclamation to the world, 2aN introduced Irene as their new muse in the best way ever.

Hello World. IRENE era beings.

— 2aN on Twitter

And it looks like the world listened. Hours after the announcement, multiple products that Irene modeled are already flying off the shelves, with several items marked as sold out.

Not only have these products become top sellers on 2aN’s website, but they’ve also dominated popular Japanese online store Qoo10. The power of Irene’s modeling experience is undeniable.

The fans’ fervor didn’t stop at just buying the products. To show their unwavering support for Irene’s latest endeavor, they took to Twitter to trend “#IRENEx2aN” and “Welcome Back CF Queen.” As tweets poured in, the message was clear: Irene’s hiatus from brand deals had been felt deeply by her fans, and her return was nothing short of a celebration.

This collaboration between Irene and 2aN is not just a mere brand deal. It’s further proof of Irene’s enduring appeal and star power, even after a brief break from the endorsement scene. As for 2aN, allying with a K-Pop icon like Irene has already begun to pay dividends.

| 2aN
| 2aN

Fans worldwide eagerly await what this partnership will bring in the future. But if the initial response is any indication, it’s bound to be filled with sold-out items, trending hashtags, and a whole lot of love for Red Velvet’s Irene.

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