Red Velvet’s Irene Reveals Her Least Favorite Hair Color To Have Tried… And Fans Can’t Understand

“… but why?”

In the latest episode of MMTG on YouTube appeared Red Velvet‘s first and fierce sub-unit Irene & Seulgi.

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While discussing past legendary performances, the show host Jaejae mentioned Irene’s violet-haired “ending fairy” moment that drove the internet wild during Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era.

Irene, however, revealed that she initially didn’t know it became so viral.

I had no idea. Later, I was on some other television program and only came to learn there that everyone loved this concept.

— Irene

In fact, she added, that at the time she “didn’t even like the hairstyle all that much.” And Jaejae’s reaction actively sums up all of ours:

Irene: I don’t know, I actually didn’t like that color at all.
Jaejae: … BUT WHY?
Irene: I went to practice after getting my hair dyed that color… and I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. Like, I had to practice but I couldn’t stand my reflection.
Jaejae: What, why? How come?
Irene: Because I hated it so much!

Seulgi recalled too, “Unni was so bothered by it that she kept sighing away.”

Yeah, she wouldn’t look in the mirror. She’d go, ‘Argh!’ and sigh. Like, ‘Uggggh, my hair!!!’ and stuff!

— Seulgi

Could it have been the ashy shade? Maybe it could have been the damage caused by the bleaching. Meanwhile though, ReVeluvs continue to remember and adore this “unicorn” color to be one of Irene’s most iconic!

Watch the full clip here:

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