Red Velvet Irene’s Move In The “Monster” Choreography Is So Intense, It Put Her In The Hospital

She underwent multiple spinal treatments during subunit preparations.

As a performance-focused subunit, it’s no surprise that Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi are showing off intense choreography for new release “Monster”. However, one of Irene’s moves in the dance is so strenuous, she actually had to go to hospital for spine treatments.

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic scenes in the “Monster” music video is the moment when Irene is transformed into a literal monster.

But it’s not just the CGI that makes this scene so great—it’s also the back-bending choreography. This section of the dance sees Seulgi holding Irene’s shoulder as she dips backwards at an incredible angle.

During the unit’s comeback live broadcast, Irene and Seulgi told fans that they debated over who should take on this impressive feat. Much to Irene’s initial delight, the difficult move was originally Seulgi’s. However, in the end, Irene’s flexibility landed her the move instead.

And it’s is just as intense as it looks. In fact, during their July 8 appearance on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, Irene revealed the move landed her in the hospital.

To create the best visual impact, Irene first stands directly behind Seulgi, then lurches backwards suddenly in time with the beat.

Due to the strain this point put on her body, Irene says she had to go to hospital for multiple treatments. She received spinal care for her neck, back, and waist.

Thankfully, Irene says she’s all better now. And, after doing the move multiple times, her body has become conditioned to it. She assured radio show listeners and fans that she’s now able to perform the choreography without any issues.

ReVeluvs are praising Irene for her dedication to her craft. It’s clear she put her all into subunit preparations, even when it came at the cost of her health.

And it’s likely that her dedication will pay off, with all eyes expected to be on “Monster”’s engaging choreography when the group starts music show promotions later this week.

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