Red Velvet Irene’s TikTok With Male Juniors Triggers Heated Fan Debate 

A fan of the boy group was accused of misogyny.

A recent TikTok of Red Velvet‘s Irene and NCT Wish‘s Yushi and SION has caused heated debate after a fan of the boy group hid Irene’s face in their post. Fans have since accused the user of misogyny.

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Red Velvet has recently been treating fans to a multitude of TikTok challenges with different idols that they came across during their promotions. Most recently, Irene shot a TikTok with her newest SM Entertainment juniors, NCT WISH.

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While the challenge itself was cute and just downright adorable, a consequential tweet has triggered backlash from ReVeluvs.

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A fan of NCT WISH posted a screencap of the TikTok where Irene’s face was hidden behind an emoji. The Tweet itself talks about how one of the members, SION, is a ReVeluv. OP points out that during the TikTok, he looks at Irene while Yushi looks towards the camera.

EXO-L Yushi was looking at the camera, trying to look pretty, ReVeluv SION takes a quick glance.

— Op on X (formerly known as Twitter)

While the caption itself seems harmless, the emoji on Irene’s face has not sat well with Red Velvet fans. They claim the action is another example of subtle misogyny from boy group fans — who sometimes don’t like seeing their favorite idols next to female stars.

Some fans have reversed the face hiding, quoting the original post with a picture of the two NCT members’ faces being hidden instead.

Meanwhile, the majority have called OP’s action simply disrespectful.

What are your thoughts? You can check out Red Velvet Irene’s TikTok with NCT WISH’s SION and Yushi below!

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