Red Velvet’s Irene Washes Off Her Makeup And Surprises Fans With Her Bare Face

She washed it all off on camera.

During I Will Channel You, Red Velvet‘s Irene lost a challenge and had to get her face imprinted with ink.

Afterwards, she headed to the bathroom to cleanse off her face.

She took a makeup remover tissue to erase the ink, and washed her face with soap to reveal…


… her natural bare face!

What was completely surprising was that Irene’s face before and after barely had any change at all! She still looked gorgeous!

red velvet irene bare face


Irene is famous for her stunning visuals, looking like a doll-come-to-life with makeup on.

red velvet irene makeup

But she’s also well known to look just as beautiful without makeup too!

red velvet irene bare face 0

Watch the stunning non-existent transformation below:

. . .