Red Velvet’s Irene Under Fire For Being “Disrespectful” On Weekly Idol

Her attitude compared to the members was heavily criticized.

Red Velvet recently appeared on Weekly Idol where they surely gave their all with the many challenges sought out on the program. 


Leader Irene, however, faced criticisms after the production staff released a form that the members had to fill out. Irene’s form quickly circulated online.


The form covered basic information about the member, asking simple questions about their physical health, strengths, weaknesses, chemistry among the members, and more.


Irene was not able to complete the form in its entirety, leaving most of it blank and just adding “unnie” or “dongsaeng” to specific questions about the members. (ie. Seulgi probably thinks of me as unnie.)


The production staff had to fill in the answers themselves for her form to be included in the broadcast. 


The rest of the members had personally filled in the rest of their answers.

Joy’s form.
Wendy’s form.
Yeri’s form.
Seulgi’s form.


It led to quite a bit of backlash from most netizens calling her “unprofessional” and “disrespectful” about filling out a simple form. 

  • “Even idols who’ve been around for far longer do so much more to keep their place… it doesn’t take forever just to answer simple questions… I give props to the production staff.”
  • “Seriously… that wouldn’t have taken 3 minutes to fill out… Are you kidding? I think she was being disrespectful.”
  • “Mm… This isn’t how anyone should ever behave, not matter if you’re an idol or not.”
  • “I’m a fan but… I can’t help but agree. It was a little much.”
  • “I’m actually jealous that you can make so much money off of your face… I’m also envious that fans are defending her for putting in so little effort, just saying ‘She must’ve been tired’… It’s only been 4 years since she debuted and she’s already lost her professionalism. I hope she can return to a rookie state of mind for the fans.”
  • “That’s just plain disrespectful.”


On the other hand, fans are defending Irene’s behavior by claiming it’s just her lax personality.


Lazy or just simply Irene’s lax personality? You be the judge. 

Source: TheQoo and Instiz

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