Red Velvet React To A Fan Asking Irene To Be Their “Mother”

“Mother? Sorry. Mother?”

K-Pop fans often call some of their favorite female idols “mother.”

But Red Velvet certainly weren’t expecting Yeri to read a fan comment out loud during a recent broadcast.

Fans were ecstatic to see Red Velvet appear on a live broadcast.

Where they teased fans about their upcoming schedules.

And showed off some endearingly chaotic moments.

But one moment that stood out to fans was when Yeri read an English comment aloud.

Yeri: Can you be my mother, Irene?

(Top, left to right) Red Velvet’s Irene, Seulgi, (bottom, left to right) Yeri, Joy, and Wendy | @seurrene_/Twitter 

Red Velvet couldn’t hide their laughter at the unexpected request.

| @seurrene_/Twitter 

Although Wendy quickly seconded the fan’s request.

Wendy: Be my mother please!

| @seurrene_/Twitter 

According to Yeri, that sort of comment is “a first” for them to see.

Yeri: Well this is a first!

| @seurrene_/Twitter 

Fans found the moment hysterical.

And all agreed she’s “mother.”

Although one fan jokingly offered a “disclaimer” for Irene so she wouldn’t misunderstand her fans’ intentions.

There’s no denying that this moment will definitely go down in ReVeluv history.

You can see the full clip here.

Red Velvet

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