Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals She’s Angry At The Ridiculous Amount Of Schedules

Their recent promotion schedules got her angry.

Red Velvet‘s Joy revealed that she gets angry more easily these days because of the tremendous amount of schedules that are planned for their “Power Up” promotions.

“I’ve recently become more prone to anger.”

— Joy


She gets angry at herself for not being able to complete each and every one of their promotions at 100%, and that puts her in a more agitated state.

“When I have so much schedules planned out, I want to do all of them well but my endurance can’t keep up. I feel like I couldn’t complete all of them in the best way, so I get angry at myself.

I yell at myself, ‘Is this all that you can do?!’

When I get in that state, I get angry more easily.”

— Joy


As a way to relieve some of that anger, host Kim Shin Young recommended a meditation trick.

“1. Close your eyes and drop your head at a 45 degree angle.
2. Take in a deep breath through your nose and out with your mouth. Repeat.”

— Kim Shin Young


But that plan ultimately failed when a loud burst of noise interrupted Joy’s trance, making her even “angrier”!


Red Velvet’s maknae Yeri concluded with some wisdom of her own. Sometimes you just gotta be angry!

“Angry people just need to get their anger out, or else you’ll get sick.”

— Yeri


Let’s hope the Red Velvet members get a well deserved vacation after their “Power Up” promotions!

Source: TV Daily

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