Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Her Wild Side In “Bad Dracula” Teaser And Fans Are Loving It

Is Joy the cat?

Red Velvet‘s Queens Mystic General Store solo teaser videos continue to blow up Twitter‘s trending page.

“Somethin Kinda Crazy” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

On July 29 at Midnight KST, Red Velvet released Joy‘s teaser to add to the “Queens Archive”.

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Set to “Bad Dracula” from their Russian Roulette mini album, Joy appears in a forest inside of a painting.

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Within the one minute video, Joy brings a sense of, well, Joy to the forest.

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

She also displays some supernatural skills like superspeed:

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Dancing with herself:

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

And even shape shifting into the cat that has appeared in every teaser thus far:

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

She even had heterochromia at one point in the video which the cat is known for leading many to wonder if the cat is Joy?

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube

Twitter enjoyed this teaser and multiple Joy related things trended including “#QUEENS_Joy“, “Park Sooyoung” (Joy’s real name), “Our Queen Joy“, and even “Joy Is The Cat“!

“Bad Dracula” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Fans loved Joy’s range of emotion. Some even found new purposes for clips from the video:

Some Twitter users were just shook by her visuals:

Others took the time to congratulate Joy on how well she did in teaser:

Some Twitter sleuths used Joy’s astrological chart to add to the cat theory:

However, with all of this theorizing for a pre-comeback, some fans are starting to get overwhelmed:

We love this new wild side to Joy and can’t wait to see what Queens Mystic General Store will bring for Seulgi tomorrow. What’s been your favorite “Queens” concept so far? Let us know and if you missed Joy’s teaser check out the link below:

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