Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Her Best Friend Out Of All SM Artists

Their friendship is so sweet 🥰

In this week’s episode of Showterview with Jessi, star soloist Jessi met her match in Red Velvet‘s Joy. Given how lovable Joy is, she must have friends everywhere she goes—but who’s her best? The “Sexy Dynamite” starlet revealed all in Jessi’s Q&A.

One of the questions fellow MC Jo Jung Shik asked Joy was, “Who’s your bestie out of all the SM members?” Joy is known to have close friendships with all the Red Velvet members and is often seen sharing laughs and smiles with her agency seniors, such as Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany. But which labelmate is Joy’s favorite? She had an answer right away.

Tiffany & Joy at the “2020 ONTACT Festival

It’s Wendy-unnie for me,” Joy revealed, referring to Red Velvet’s talented main vocalist. Perhaps shockingly, Joy once revealed that she wasn’t always close with Wendy. In an episode of Pajama Friends, she explained that back when they were younger, Wendy and she had a lot of misunderstandings because of their differing personality. Joy liked to be independent, but ever-caring Wendy would always ask a lot of questions about Joy’s daily life, which made her uncomfortable.

Wendy & Joy on “Pajama Friends” | Lifetime

However, after talking things out, the two eventually began to understand each other better. On the same show, Joy referred to Wendy as her best friend, and it seems her viewpoint hasn’t changed. Talking to Jessi and Jo Jung Shik, Joy went on to reveal just what makes Wendy such a great friend.

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She’s a good counselor,” Joy started, explaining that she has a lot of worries about what lies ahead for her. She also shared that she spends a lot of time imagining, ruminating on upcoming events. Thankfully, she has Wendy by her side. “Wendy-unnie knows how to calm me down,” says Joy, “And console me.”

Given that Wendy is older than Joy by several years and was the first member to go solo in Red Velvet, it’s no surprise that Wendy provides such a good support system for upcoming soloist Joy. These two have been besties for years already, and fans are hoping they’ll continue their great relationship for years to come.

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Wendy-unnie, please take good care of Joy!

— Jessi

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