Red Velvet’s Joy Opens Up About Her Concerns With Having A Lighter, Unique Vocal Tone

Known as a “tone fairy” by fans, Joy shared the worries she has over her lighter vocal color!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is known for her light, unique vocal color, and she recently revealed how she ultimately came to terms with not having a powerful voice!

Joy recently made her solo debut, and as part of her solo promotions, appeared on singer Hoody‘s Youtube show titled Hoody’s Home Dining!

As the two talked about music, Hoody brought up how Joy has a very unique vocal tone!

You are the singer with a very special tone when you sing, right? Is there anything you do for keeping it or expressing it?


Joy revealed that rather than doing something special to retain her tone and color, she just had to come to terms with it instead, and also expressed regret at not taking care of her throat when she sang.

Contrary to that, I always had a lot of worries about my voice. Because we listen to lots of different music when we are trainees; not too limited in one genre. As a member of a K-Pop group, I have to cover a lot of different genres of music. So I practiced regardless of the genre.

But I felt there is an invisible wall because of my voice. I can sing bright mood songs or something pretty, but for those kinds of songs that require powerful vocals, I was feeling some kind of limitation in my voice. So I wanted to overcome it by making my voice husky. I have my own voice, but if I add an unexpected sound on that, I thought it would be much more charming.

Thus, rather than taking care of my tone and voice, I think I treated my throat badly when I sing.


Joy has a refreshing, unique tone that she shows off in her solo debut song, “Hello”!

Watch her talk about her vocals here!

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