Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals The First Impression Her Members Had Of Her

It’s completely different from what you might expect!

The members of Red Velvet are all beauties with different charms, and in the group, Joy is known for her fresh, fruity charm!

Joy, however, recently revealed that contrary to her bright image, the members had a very different image of her when they first met!

Joy is currently preparing to debut solo at the end of the month of May, and appeared on the most recent episode of Jessi’s Showterview!

During the interview segment with Jessi and announcer Jo Jung Shik, Joy was asked to share the story of the first time she met her fellow Red Velvet members at SM Entertainment!

What was the first impression that your members had of you?

—Jo Jung Shik

Joy revealed that back during their trainee days, they called her the “ghost who lives in the vocal room” because of her initial cold demeanor and messy hair!

Back in the days, when I was a trainee…[They called me] Cold city girl?

Back in the days, I had long hair like this. So the ones who are not familiar with me would call me “a ghost living in the vocal room”.


Joy then talked about how much she’s changed visually from her pre-debut days, and revealed her image used to be completely different!

Before my debut, I looked quite different from how I look now.


Joy is slated to make her solo debut with the remake album Hello on May 31.

Watch her talk about it here!

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