BFFs Red Velvet’s Joy & GFRIEND’s Yerin Advertised The Same Product But Served Completely Different Vibes

Despite their similarities, both stars are one of a kind.

Long-time BFFs Red Velvet‘s Joy and GFRIEND‘s Yerin are taking their friendship to the next level by shooting advertisements for the same product. The crazy part? Despite both girls sharing similar sweet personalities, they both served completely different vibes in their ads.

97-liners Joy and Yerin have had a legendary friendship for years now. In fact, they’ve been besties ever since their high school days.

GFRIEND’s Yerin (left) and Red Velvet’s Joy (right) as high schoolers.

Since then, they’d been pairing up in Instagram posts…

Red Velvet’s Joy (right) and GFRIEND’s Yerin (left) now | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

… at various K-Pop events…

… and everywhere in between. Now, they’re even advertising the same product together: The Body Shop‘s vegan “White Musk” fragrance.

| The Body Shop

Earlier this week, Yerin released a short social media commercial for the fragrance in conjunction with Singles.

| @every__nn/Instagram

From the start, her vintage-style black dress and ponytail gave her a youthful and innocent vibe. Add that to her bouncy dance moves and the heart signs she shot to the camera, and there’s no denying that Yerin’s ad was purely adorable.

But she’s not the only one advertising “White Musk.” Joy was selected for the company’s
“#BeYourSelf” campaign too, but her advertisement had a completely different feel.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Unlike Yerin, who was dressed in all-black, Joy donned white and neutral outfits in her video, exuding a pure yet mature vibe. Even Joy’s dance moves were different from Yerin’s, more sultry and confident than cute.

It really goes to show that while Joy and Yerin may have numerous similarities that keep their friendship strong, they’re also totally unique individuals with the power to make any commercial their own.