Red Velvet’s Joy Continually Harassed By Sasaeng Fan During Live Broadcast

The sasaeng fan ignored Joy’s warnings to stop.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, Joy and Irene held a live Instagram broadcast where they conversed with fans about their recent daily news.


Within minutes of starting their broadcast, Joy’s phone kept vibrating with a call. Joy and Seulgi then tried to keep the mood light as they warned the “fan” to stop calling them with a playful tone.

Their broadcast kept getting cut as the sasaeng fan kept calling Seulgi’s phone too.

We keep getting a call from a fan. You shouldn’t do that.

Please stop doing it! Please stop calling us!

— Joy and Seulgi


Just when they thought the fan had stopped, the sasaeng fan called once again when Irene entered the room. Joy declined the phone quietly but soon addressed the “fan” again when they kept calling.

Hey… Please stop calling us!

— Joy


She then seemed to have turned off her phone altogether to avoid the sasaeng fan from disturbing their live broadcast with their fans.


Fans were enraged by the sasaeng fan’s actions. Apparently, sasaeng fans call the idols during live broadcasts to check if the number indeed belongs to them.


Watch the girls’ live broadcast below:

Source: Nate Pann

Red Velvet

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